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Skip Dog & Q-Ball - Professional Sucka Ducka

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Skip Dog & Q-Ball - Professional Sucka Ducka



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Mayhem Family Entertainment / Immaculate Music Group / Cashflow420 Records




Boogie Lee, Mac Lo, Bad Fella & Many More!

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Skip Dog & Q-Ball - Professional Sucka Ducka has officially hit the streets, and is now shipping! This 14 track album is about to put Fairfield, CA back on the map. With production by T-Roy from Ballers Ona Mission (B.O.M.), this album slaps from beginning to end! Also don't forget about the Skip Dog - Raw From The Jaw album that was released the same day! Be sure to add that album to you cart as well!

Skip Dog was the other half of the famous rap duo E.Z.S.D. and was featured on Master P's original West Coast Bad Boys compilation Anotha Level Of The Game. He has put out classic mob albums such as Game 2 Be $old, Madd Currency, and 1st The Money Then The Power and is considered to be one of the last rap cats who still lay down tracks with the classic mobb style beat. Skip Dog is veteran in this rap business and has finally pressed up tracks that have been sitting on the shelf waiting for the right time to blow up this music industry! Don't sleep on this album, get it before its too late!

Q-Ball is known throughout the flatlands as the mixtape king, and a straight up hustla! You may have seen him hustling his many rap albums all over the bay area, so to most of you Q-Ball is no stranger! Q-Ball has been featured on many classic albums but is most known for his lyrical skills on the Street Playaz Corna' Store Flows album. Q-Ball sticks to the script with his flows while keeping that bay area mobb sound.

Disc 1
1.Mayhem Family ft. Boogie Lee
2.Rough Times
3.Ain't No Way
4.I Am Da Flats
6.Few Reasons
7.Do You Know?
8.Real Shit
9.Grown Man
10.I Need A Hooker
11.Hood Hoe ft. Mac Lo, Bad Fella
12.I Will Not Loose
13.Get Away
14.Punk Bitch